Airbrush Tanning

At Cascade, our airbrush tanning in Portland, Oregon has technicians that are dedicated to providing you with a consistent natural looking tan that is customized to your individual skin type and your personal preference. 

The type of equipment you choose to apply your tanning solutions makes a dramatic difference in the overall appearance. At Cascade, we use the latest technological fantasy tan compressed air unit instead of other less manageable turbine powered vacuum cleaner units. The fine mist sprayed from our compressed air unit allows us to use a faster airstream and administer a much more precise and realistic tan. We can often tan up to your hair line and fingernails, as well as cover up and work around skin conditions. 

We use a variety of products for you to choose from. Most of our research shows the top products for airbrush tanning is the Norvell line. Unlike most salons, at Cascade, we are not affiliated or partnered with any certain product. We have done our research and have tried to offer you the best products we think will suit your individual needs. 


Our Solutions-

Barrier Cream- Norvell Amber Sun Pro Blend

This lotion is applied to those areas before the sunless tanning session to reduce this problem. Unlike the petroleum based products of the compatition, Pro-Blend Barrier Cream is a high-quality, intense moisturizer that allows for a perfectcolor blend. 

Prevents DHA Bronzing Sprays from Over-Darkening Cuticles, Dry or Callused Skin Areas! The answer to over-browning in cuticles, knees, elbows, hands, feet and dry areas. Unlike the petroleum based products of the competition, Pro-Blend Barrier Cream is a high-quality, highly intense moisturizer that allows for a perfect color blend. Instructions: Apply very liberally to palms, soles, cuticles, knuckles and areas between fingers and toes. Blend smoothly from problem areas into surrounding skin for even color transition.
Norvell Premium Sunless Tanning Solution 
This breakthrough micro-nutrient technology delivers a potent blend of vitamins and antioxidants to boost the skin’s inherent “just off the beach” glow. The natural formula works with the skin creating a customized shade of color every time. Scented formulas are fragranced with essence of raspberry and almond extracts.


  • Exfoliate from head to toe preferably the day prior to a spray tan, paying particular attention to areas such as your knees, elbows and ankles. try to avoid oil based cleansing products. This will make your tan last longer and it will be more even on skin cells.
  • Avoid using deodorant before your spray tan appointment as it will provide a barrier to the spray tan's absorption.
  • Remove any make up or lotions 
  • Wax at least 24 hours or shave at least 8 hours minimum prior to your appointment


  • After tan be sure to wear dark loose clothing  and undergarments (spray solution will wash out of most fabrics but may stain nylons, lycra and silks)
  • Wait at least 8 hours after application before you shower. This will allow time for the self-tanning reaction to occur on the skin.
  • Don’t worry if you see color wash off from your first shower, this is normal. What you see washing off is the immediate cosmetic bronzer and what is left behind is a beautiful sunless tan.
  • Do not apply moisturizer until after your first shower, for this could affect the immediate reaction of the sunless solution on the skin and cause streaking.
  • Do not exercise until after your first shower.
  • Moisturize daily, especially after bathing, to maintain your sunless tan. For best results use a water based moisturizer. Don’t use oil based moisturizers, they can cause blotchy areas.
  • Do not exfoliate skin for at least 48 hours after your sunless tanning application. When you do exfoliate, do so gently and evenly to preserve an even sunless tan.
  • If sun-bathing remember to wear a sunscreen. Sunless products do not contain sunscreen. Although you look like you have a tan, you will still need a sunscreen to prevent your skin from burning.