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Tattoo Removal Treatments

At Cascade, we try to follow up with customers throughout their treatment process. Your results are our ultimate goal!

Tattoo Removal, Red Inks, Portland Oregon

1 treatment. Most lasers have difficulty removing reddish colored inks. The Q plus C 532 wave length with the square spot size laser is recommended. July, 2016

3 treatments. The color of inks in a tattoo are sometimes hard to determine. Our laser has the multiple wavelengths that is recommended for these type of tattoos. Sept, 2016

1 treatment. The number of treatments often varies depending on ink density and the amount of circulation a person gets to their hands. Sept, 2016

1 treatment. Sometimes finger tattoos can take longer due to circulation. Feb, 2017

6 treatments. Green and blue inks can be difficult to remove for most lasers. Notice how this persons skin is healing back to normal.

July, 2017

1 treatment. The density of ink lines normally determines the number of treatments as seen here. Sept, 2016

Laser Tattoo Removal Portland, Oregon

4 treatments. Blue inks are considered the toughest color to remove and usually require a series of sessions. We remove all the black ink first before switching to our special “Ruby” wavelength. Oct, 2016.

Laser Tattoo Removal Portland Oregon

4 treatments. Optimum results bringing skin back to normal. Even older tattoos can have a hint of bluish ink.  Oct, 2017

5 treatments. A larger number of treatments than normal is due to the density of this black ink. But notice how the skin is getting back to its normal condition. Nov, 2016

1 treatment. Black inks with a lighter skin tone. Skin healing back to normal. March, 2017

black ink laser tattoo removal portland oregon

4 treatments – We generally take it slower with darker skin tones to bring the skin back to normal. This person should get great results with 1 more session. Sept, 2017

2 treatments. Neck tattoos, black ink, and lighter skin tones can generally fade faster than most due to increased circulation to that part of the body. Dec, 2017. 

blue ink laser tattoo removal portland oregon

2 treatments. With blue ink tattoos, our first objective is to remove all the black ink before switching to our Ruby wavelength which will remove the blues.

Dec, 2017

red ink laser tattoo removal portland oregon

3 treatments. Reddish colored inks can be fairly stubborn for Pico lasers. Our Q plus C laser has a 532 wavelength specifically for the reddish colored inks.

Aug, 2017

3 treatments. Density of the ink lines is the biggest variable in determining the overall number of treatments needed. July, 2017


Microneedling is proven successful for a number of skin conditions. A free consult with Dr. Alison is recommended to determine your best treatment option.

Micro Needling Portland Oregon
Uneven pores need collagen regenerated to stimulate the body's natural healing process.
Acne scars can be rapidly improved in as little as 2 or 3 treatments.
Acne Scar Treatments Portland Oregon

Although we normally recommend 3 full treatments, here is some great results after just one session.

Microneedling is considered the best option for people with stretch marks!

The Rejuvapen is great for reducing the lines and wrinkles on the face with great results and minimal treatments.

Cosmetic Injectables

Fillers and Injectables administered by Dr. Alison Schulz. Call today for a free consultation or your first session.

injectables Portland Oregon

Skin Treatments

Free consultations are recommended to determine which treatment option is going to be best for you.

Sun Spot Removal Portland
Smaller spots on face. Great results 3 weeks after 1st treatment. Sep, 2016
Sun spot removal portland oregon
Laser spot removal with the Q plus C laser can often produce better results than expected.
Mole Removal Portland Oregon
Here is a removal still healing 3 weeks after treatment. As you can see, there is often a small scar from the excision technique used by Dr. Alison. Jan, 2017.
Spider vein treatment using laser therapy.

Here is a recent Micro Needling treatment from June 2017. As you can see, the results can be amazing with only 1 session!

Vein Treatments

This was from one Sclerotherapy treatment with Dr. Alison August, 2017. Laser treatments were used for some of the smaller vein areas and this person had excellent results.

Vein treatments Portland Oregon
Sclerotherapy Portland Oregon

PRP | Hair Restoration

PRP for hair restoration is considered to be one of the most effective treatment options. A series of 3 treatments is recommended to optimize your results.

Hair Loss PRP Portland Oregon
Hair Loss Portland Oregon