Laser tattoo removal in Portland Oregon has quickly became a great option for people looking to erase their past for a brighter future. Recently, the Willamette Week did a full cover story on our tattoo removal service in Portland at Cascade Medical Spa & Tattoo Removal Center. According to the article, we “welcome a

What is PRP and how does it work?

PRP Hair Restoration | Portland, Oregon Platelet-Rich Plasma can address hair loss individually and has recently became the best option for people looking to restore hair growth. When utilized as a standalone procedure, PRP Therapy can stimulate new hair growth for individuals with minimal to moderate hair loss. Dr. Alison Schulz provides PRP therapy in
Laser Tattoo Removal in Portland Oregon is being offered by a number of businesses in the Portland area. It is one of the newest and relatively easier services for businesses to offer. With all the newer and different lasers out there, many businesses claim to have the best laser for tattoo removal. This can be
The number of laser treatments for tattoo removal in Portland Oregon vary depending on many factors. The main reason people often want to know how many treatments it will take is because they want to know the overall cost. Most tattoo removal companies charge per treatment and will generally not give quotes over the phone.