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Why Choose Our Laser To Treat Your Discolored Skin?

Our Q plus C laser is considered to be one of the top technological devices for Discolored Skin Treatments. Unlike most lasers, the Q plus C has a Square-Spot size that distributes the wavelength energy more effectively which is the least obtrusive to your skin and will minimize the risk of scarring and noticeable pigmentation change.


How Do Lasers Remove Unwanted Pigments In The Skin?

Laser therapy is one of the most exciting treatments for removing unwanted skin pigments. Lasers work by emitting a specialized light that is passed through the skin and preferentially absorbed by its target, be it an unwanted hair, vein, or in this case, the unwanted pigment in the skin. The laser causes the pigments to break up and disappear, leaving you with smooth, clear skin. There are several lasers available that work remarkably well in treating unwanted pigmentation.

How much do laser treatments cost?

We offer free online consults. Our clients are normally pleasantly surprised at the affordable price from our Practitioners. Send us a pic of your skin concerns today on our contact page!

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"In just a couple of treatments at Cascade, I am seeing huge progress, and for almost nothing compared to what I paid before. The tech who worked on me was professional, pleasant, and the environment was laid-back. I completely recommend this to anyone. I was pleasantly surprised. These guys are awesome!"

Chris F.