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"I am seeing huge progress, and for almost nothing compared to what I paid before. The tech who worked on me was professional, pleasant, and the environment was laid-back."  

Chris F. 

Providing Portland tattoo removal, PRP hair restoration, facials, botox, fillers, spray tanning, massage, acupuncture, mole & laser hair removal, along with a variety of other skin treatments. Our experts in Portland offer free consultations to determine what is best for you & your aesthetic needs. Call us today!

"The new location in Portland is great with awesome parking. The entire staff is well-informed and professional. SO happy I stumbled upon this gem!

Alexandra B. Oct. 2017

"The free consultation advice we give to our customers is the same advice we give to our friends. We take a very honest and straightforward approach with everyone!"

-Veteran owned and medically overseen by Dr. Chad Pfefer and Forrest Smith-

Dr. Pfefer's team of medical aesthetic professionals provide a variety of FDA - approved skin and laser services to our customers in the Portland area including injectables, fillers, microneedling, and the latest PRP technology for  Hair Loss, Non-Surgical Facelifts, and Acne Scarring.

Our Italian made Q plus C laser has a unique "Square Spot Opti-beam technology" that is considered by many experts to be the Ferrari of lasers for tattoo removal and skin treatments. Whether you are trying to remove a tattoo, skin discoloration, or attacking those pesky spider veins, our ultimate goal at our clinic in Portland is to achieve results in the fewest treatments possible and to bring your skin back to its normal appearance as much as clinically possible. The staff at our clinic in Portland uses a results driven business model and a straight forward-honest approach with their customers which gives people the information they need for their specific skin condition or tattoo.

Our Q Plus C Laser!

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What is the best laser for tattoo removal in Portland, Oregon?

Our staff at our location in Portland understands the process of trying to find the right laser for your tattoo removal treatments can be overwhelming. We want our clients to be well informed of the different lasers being offered in the Portland area, the pros and cons of each one, and why we chose the Q plus C laser along with its Square Spot Technology.  

Tattoo Removal Laser Comparison Portland OregonThe Spectra and Medlite lasers use dye hand pieces to alter the laser beam profile which does not target certain ink colors effectively, are cheaper made, and do not have the optimum square spot size.

The Alexandrite and Pico lasers have only one wave length that does not target the inks specifically. Although they have a faster nano second technology they do not have a square spot beam profile that is considered to be the least obtrusive to your skin, and often the 755 wave length stops short of darker and redish colored inks. Many artists use a combination of colors in their tattoos that are unseen to the naked eye!

The Q plus C laser has the multiple wave lengths that target all the specific ink colors, is not altered by dye hand pieces, and it does have the square-spot technology. For these reasons, our tattoo removal clinic in Portland chose the Q plus C laser to give people the absolute best results possible for each treatment.

According to an article published by The Journal of Laser and Health Academy -

You Can’t Change Physics:

In the world of tattoo removal, the two most important factors a wavelength has is (1) how deep the wavelength penetrates the skin and 2) what color(s) does the wavelength target.

When taking into account where ink colors reside within the skin, research has proven the best wavelength to successfully target dark pigment (Black, Dark Blues, etc.) is the ND:Yag 1064. The best wavelength to target the difficult Blue and Green colors is the Ruby 694 and the only wavelength to target Red is the KTP 532.

Complete Our Contact Form for a free consult of your tattoo removal or skin condition are available 24/7 for your convenience. If you would like more information and to see colored inks removed please visit our  tattoo removal service page or you can take a look at our prices

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What Our Clients Are Saying

Rating: 5
Chris F.

“I went through a series of treatments in another town where I lived before Portland to have a tattoo removed and it cost me literally thousands of dollars. Still the tattoo was not fully removed. In just a couple of treatments at Cascade Tattoo Removal I am seeing huge progress, and for almost nothing compared to what I paid before. The tech who worked on me was professional, pleasant, and the environment was laid-back. I completely recommend this to anyone. It’s a small operation, perhaps that’s how they are able to offer such reasonable prices. I was pleasantly surprised. These guys are awesome!”

Rating: 5
Kelsey W.

“From the moment I first contacted Cascade Tattoo Removal in Portland, I have had nothing but high-quality, customer service. I live in Bend, so it was a trek having to drive all the way to Portland, however, Dr. Alison made it worth it! She did an incredible job of making sure I was comfortable throughout the entire treatment and showed that she is extremely knowledgeable in what she does. I have had one treatment so far and am already seeing great results! I highly recommend this business to anyone who is looking to remove any unwanted tattoos at a very affordable cost :)”

Rating: 5
Alyssa M.

“I previously had a consultation at another place in Portland and I almost cried when they told me how much it would cost – it would have been almost $2000 for removal of a very small black tattoo.
I was able to email a picture to the folks at Cascade to get a quote and their prices were extremely affordable per session compared to the other tattoo removal places in Portland.”

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