At Cascade, we try to follow up with customers throughout their treatment process. Your results are our ultimate goal!

*please keep in mind, finalized pictures of post treatment success can often be difficult to obtain unless the customer comes back in for a final picture. Our customers typically get great results. Give us a chance to exceed your expectations.

Tattoo Removal Treatments

1 treatment. Most lasers have difficulty removing reddish colored inks. The Q plus C 532 wave length with the square spot size laser is recommended. July, 2016

3 treatments. The color of inks in a tattoo are sometimes hard to determine. Our laser has the multiple wavelengths that is recommended for these type of tattoos. Sept, 2016

1 treatment. The number of treatments often varies depending on ink density and the amount of circulation a person gets to their hands. Sept, 2016

1 treatment. Sometimes finger tattoos can take longer due to circulation. Feb, 2017

6 treatments. Green and blue inks can be difficult to remove for most lasers. Notice how this persons skin is healing back to normal.

July, 2017

1 treatment. The density of ink lines normally determines the number of treatments as seen here. Sept, 2016

4 treatments. Blue inks are considered the toughest color to remove and usually require a series of sessions. We remove all the black ink first before switching to our special “Ruby” wavelength. Oct, 2016.

4 treatments. Optimum results bringing skin back to normal. Even older tattoos can have a hint of bluish ink.  Oct, 2017

5 treatments. A larger number of treatments than normal is due to the density of this black ink. But notice how the skin is getting back to its normal condition. Nov, 2016

1 treatment. Black inks with a lighter skin tone. Skin healing back to normal. March, 2017

4 treatments – We generally take it slower with darker skin tones to bring the skin back to normal. This person should get great results with 1 more session. Sept, 2017

2 treatments. Neck tattoos, black ink, and lighter skin tones can generally fade faster than most due to increased circulation to that part of the body. Dec, 2017. 

2 treatments. Blue ink tattoos are difficult to remove for most lasers. We remove all the black ink prior to removing the blue colors as seen here. Dec, 2017. 

3 treatments. Reddish colored inks can be fairly stubborn for Pico lasers. Our Q plus C laser has a 532 wavelength specifically for the reddish colored inks.

Aug, 2017

3 treatments. Density of the ink lines is the biggest variable in determining the overall number of treatments needed. July, 2017

Aesthetic & PRP Treatments

1 treatment. A PRP hair restoration treatment package can have a very beneficial complimentary PRP facial treatment which can often produce better than expected results Sept, 2018. 

1 treatments – PRP with Microneedling can often produce significant results. Results vary person to person.  Sept, 2018

Mole Removal. Still healing, 3 weeks after treatment from April 2017.

1 treatments. Using the Q plus C laser is considered by many to be the best laser for your skin due to its square spot size.  Jan, 2017

3 PRP treatments. Results can vary but our customers typically get better than expected results. This photos is courtesy of Dr. Jeffery Rapaport using the Eclipse PRP system.

Aug, 2017

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