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Spider Veins?
Radio Frequency

Spider Vein Treatments In Portland Oregon At Cascade Medical Spa!

Spider vein treatments at Cascade Medical Spa in Portland are treated with either Sclerotherapy and RF Technology.

We have a system of deep veins and superficial veins that work together to move blood up through the legs and back to the heart. Spider veins can create a mesh work of blue, purple, red, and brownish lines that can often make people feel unhappy with the look of their legs.  Spider veins aren’t typically a health hazard, but they can make people feel more self conscious. A problem in either type of vein may require treatment to alleviate discomfort and reduce your risk of more serious problems.

Sclerotherapy immediately after treatment.  1/12/20

Radio Frequency for spider vein treatments is a method  that uses radio frequency energy to damage the walls inside a vein and then closes the walls of the vein. Studies show that it is effective for 88 out of 100 patients.

Sclerotherapy for spider vein treatments consists of a medication injection into the spider veins using a small needle. The medication causes the vein to contract and then eventually disappear. We often recommend compression stockings  for 3 to 7 days post treatment to help maximize our patients results.

The complexity of spider veins can differ from person to person. A complimentary consultation with our Physician is recommended.

Why Choose Our Cascade Medical Spa For Your Spider Vein Treatments?

Our research indicates the best treatment options for spider veins is Radio Frequency and Sclerotherapy. Although results can vary from person to person, our goal is to give you the best results possible.

“AMAZING WORK. I didn’t feel a thing and he was very friendly and professional. I felt well informed on the procedure and after care. I would highly recommend to anyone considering a mole removal. I’ve had one on my chin ever since I could remember, it made me so insecure but I assumed it would be a big deal to take off. I was literally in the chair 15 min and didn’t feel anything. I am SO HAPPY with my decision and coming to this office. I may update after the healing process. THANK YOU SO MUCH Dr Muncrief!!” 

Ky M.  May, 2019

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