Permanent Makeup Removal

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How to remove permanent makeup?

Permanent makeup tattoo removal using a Q plus C laser has proven to be an effective alternative for some people with permanent makeup regret. Some people are dissatisfied with the outcome of their makeup, for others its a health issue, while others may feel they simply don’t work with ones personal needs or lifestyle anymore.  Whatever the reason, our goal at Cascade is to make the removal process as affordable and effective as possible.Permanent Makeup Removal


Be aware that results may vary in terms of effectiveness when it comes to the different colored inks used by tattoo artists. We like to provide you with the necessary information for your tattoo removal treatment before deciding to go ahead with it.

Permanent makeup or tattooed eyebrows incorrectly applied can be devastating to your self esteem. The brows can be the wrong color, style, or shape and make your facial expression look angry or unnatural. Laser tattoo removal may be a possible solution. A test area is done first to make sure the ink is treatable by laser. 

Do all colors remove well for eyebrow tattoo removal?

Black and gray removes best on fair to medium untanned skin. Dark brown ink usually does well too. White ink and flesh tones tend to darken with laser and not remove. So please AVOID adding white or flesh color ink if you are not happy with your permanent makeup–it will only make the situation worse.

Why do flesh tones and white ink turn black with laser?

They tend to contain iron or other metals that darken (oxidizes) with laser. Just as a sliced apple turns brown when exposed to air–a process called oxidation. There is no FDA regulation with permanent makeup ingredients so removal results can vary.

Will it hurt?

Numbing to the area can be done to minimize any discomfort. (let your Practitioner know in advance of your appointment because the numbing cream takes 20 minutes to take effect).

Will laser remove or kill my eyebrow hair?

There is less then a 5% chance of hair loss or thinning at the site of the laser treatment. The laser treatment will usually turn the eyebrow hair a lighter color but the new growth will be your natural color. 

Will I  scar with eyebrow laser tattoo removal?

If you follow the aftercare instructions there is less then a 5% chance of scarring or other complications. Our goal is to bring your skin back to normal as possible. 

How many treatments will it take to remove my tattooed eyebrows?

Most eyebrow treatments take 1-5 laser sessions spaced around 6 weeks apart for complete removal.

How much does it cost?

At Cascade we charge 150$ per treatment for a set of eyebrows. 

How long will it take to heal?

Expect the area to be swollen and red for up to 5-7 days. Taking it easy the first 48 hours and ice packing the site 5-10 minutes every hour you are awake will help with recovery. You will be given specific instructions to follow after your laser treatment. Our Practitioner will also provide you with some removal jel that will help your healing process. 

When can I wear makeup again or pencil at the site?

We recommend waiting about 2 weeks before wearing makeup or plucking your eyebrow hair.

When can I expect to see results?

Most of the fading takes place over the next 6-12 weeks after the laser removal treatment. If you do not smoke, and are in good health, the fading may continue at a slow rate for up to a year.



How do we remove yellow ink?

How do we remove blue ink?


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