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Tattoo Removal Services in Portland Oregon have came a long ways in the last ten years. Originally Cascade Tattoo Removal, we led the way by researching the latest technological lasers in great detail. At the end of the day we realized that the Q plus C laser was the clear choice. It has special wave lengths designed specifically for removing tattoos of all colors including permanent makeup. Our laser is considered to be the best in the world! It is still a process, but most people that do their homework on the best laser and the best prices, normally choose us! Our goal is to remove your tattoo in the fewest treatments possible and bring your skin back to normal. Our practitioners have a lot of experience in tattoo removal and we are driven by our results!

Why Choose Cascade For Tattoo Removal Treatments?

The Q plus C Laser from Quanta was designed in Italy, specifically for tattoo removal, but its wavelengths are also ideal for other skin treatments.  Italy is well known for producing the highest quality products and their specialization of designs is incomparable.

What About Multi Colored Tattoo Removal?

The Q plus C is considered The Ferrari of tattoo removal lasers so to speak. The Q plus C is currently the ONLY device on the market to offer 3 true wavelengths. The 694nm Ruby wavelength treats  ALL ink colors. Besides its multiple wave lengths, what really separates this laser from the competition is it's Square-Spot Opti-Beam profile that is flat topped, and is as homogeneous as possible which lessons healing time and minimizes side effects to bring your skin back to normal as absolutely possible. Whether you need to remove a poorly rendered tattoo, make room for a new one, or perhaps you have one that you've simply grown to regret, we can help erase your past, for a brighter future.

*Lidocaine cream, and numbing injections available. Please let us know ahead of time if you would like some help to ease the pain 

The number of treatments often depends on ink density.  A lighter skin tone and all black ink are typically good factors for tattoo removal.

Neck tattoos often have good circulation. This person needs a little more healing time for complete removal.

Older tattoos can with black ink can often appear blue. Older tattoos are normally the easiest to remove. This tattoo only took 4 laser treatment.

When removing colored tattoos, we remove all the black ink first before switching over to our special 694 Ruby Wave length that attacks the blues.

Finger tattoo removal results can often vary on the density of the ink and the amount of circulation you get to your fingers.

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