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Tattoo Removal Services in Portland Oregon have came a long ways in the last ten years. Originally Cascade Tattoo Removal, we led the way by researching the latest technological lasers in great detail. At the end of the day we realized that the Q plus C laser was the clear choice.

The Q plus C is considered The Ferrari of tattoo removal lasers so to speak. It has special wave lengths designed specifically for removing tattoos of all ink colors including permanent makeup. The Q plus C Laser from Quanta was designed in Italy, specifically for tattoo removal. Italy is well known for producing the highest quality products and their specialization of laser designs is incomparable.

Our goal is to remove your tattoo in the fewest treatments possible and bring your skin back to normal as clinically possible. Our practitioners have a lot of experience in tattoo removal and we are driven by our results!

“I am seeing huge progress, and for almost nothing compared to what I paid before. The tech who worked on me was professional, pleasant, and the environment was laid-back.”

Chris F.

The number of treatments often depends on ink density. A lighter skin tone and all black ink are typically good factors for tattoo removal.

Older black ink tattoos can often appear blue. Older tattoos are normally the easiest to remove. This tattoo removal only took 4 laser treatment.

Finger tattoo removal results can often vary on the density of the ink and the amount of circulation you get to your fingers.

What is the Best Tattoo Removal Clinic in Portland?

Don’t be fooled by other tattoo removal shortcuts that can often do irrevocable damage to skin tissues.

Our customers at Cascade receive a full Free Consultation prior to their tattoo removal treatments, after care instructions, ice packs, and removal gel which is very important to bring your skin back to normal as clinically possible.

“I had my consult and 1st treatment to have a tattoo removed. Kourtnie was awesome. She provided great knowledge of the process, aftercare, and made the experience enjoyable. The office was very impressive. I will be going back to have several tattoos removed and perhaps other treatment options.”

Sarah C. – Google Review 2019

Looking for Fast Tattoo Removal?

The PFD patch is now cleared by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for all commonly used lasers for tattoo removal. The Patch, which is placed over tattoos prior to removal with a laser, allows us to treat tattoos more efficiently by enabling rapid multiple laser passes in a single treatment session to achieve faster results in a shorter amount of time.

Here is an all black ink finger tattoo removal recently provided at Cascade. Although not recommended for all tattoos, it is a good option for many of our customers.

Tattoo Removal for Blue Inks and Other Colors?

The Q plus C is currently the ONLY device on the market to offer 3 true wavelengths. The 694nm Ruby wavelength treats ALL ink colors. Besides its multiple wave lengths, what really separates this laser from the competition is it’s Square-Spot Opti-Beam profile that is flat topped, and is as homogeneous as possible which lessons healing time and minimizes side effects to bring your skin back to normal as absolutely possible. Whether you need to remove a poorly rendered tattoo, make room for a new one, or perhaps you have one that you’ve simply grown to regret, we can help erase your past, for a brighter future.

*Lidocaine cream, and numbing injections available. Please let us know ahead of time if you would like some help to ease the pain

“I selected to have lidocaine injections for my tattoo removal, so I arrived half an hour before the laser session to get numbed by a wonderful nurse named Amanda. She thoroughly explained what to expect from the numbing agent, how it would work in my body, and to calm my nerves we talked about Outlander (it’s a fantastic show, watch it). Then I had my laser removal session with Kortnie, who was very sweet and patient with me. I was really nervous, because the pain can be intense, and I felt slightly light headed when I walked into the laser room. She gave me apple juice and told me to tell her if I needed any breaks. She worked amazingly quickly and coached me on deep breathing to keep me relaxed. It still hurt, but MUCH less than when I did a session without numbing injections. I have several more sessions to go, but I fully trust the good people at Cascade to help me reach my goals. If you are in need of tattoo removal and want professionalism, kindness, and decent prices, this is the place for you.”

D. R.  Jan, 2019

Neck tattoos often have good circulation. This person needs a little more healing time for complete removal.

When removing colored tattoos, we remove all the black ink first before switching over to our special 694 Ruby Wave length that attacks the blues.

Removing the dark colors of a tattoo can often give the new tattoo artist enough clarity for a cover up.

When considering what laser for your laser tattoo removal treatment, it is important to understand that not all lasers are the same! The type of laser you choose for your removal will make a huge difference in the number of overall treatments needed. What really separates our laser from others is the Square Spot Opti-Beam technology that distributes energy effectively over the whole spot size. This technology will remove your tattoo faster and will significantly decrease your chance of scarring and also decrease the overall cost.

Our goal is to bring your skin back to normal as possible. We like to be as honest and straightforward as possible with our customers regarding the overall number of treatments needed and the overall cost. Although we offer the latest technology in Portland, we still believe tattoo removal should not break the bank. Give us a chance to exceed your expectations!

At Cascade Medical Spa & Tattoo Removal Center we try to be as straightforward and honest as possible in regards to the total cost associated with your removal. Our goal is to remove your tattoo in the fewest treatments possible and your results are our number one priority so we often use the “time is your friend” approach to remove your tattoo. That business model is not the best for our profits, but it is the best for your skin and your pocket book.

Our Practitioners will quote you a specific price in person. We also have a pricing page on this website to give our customers a general idea of the overall cost. Most of our customers pay between as low as $60 for tiny tattoos but typically $75-250 per session for their tattoo removal treatments. We also offer a great financing option for larger tattoos and free online consultations in case you would like to send your pic now.

Two key processes break up the ink – the pigment in your tattoo will absorb the energy from the laser and break apart; also, the incredibly fast pulse (6-billionths of a second!) and energy of the laser will cause the ink to shatter like a sugar cube breaking apart. Once the ink is broken down by the laser, the body will respond by moving fluid to the area to help flush away the ink. This immune-response will be obvious in the form of some swelling and redness in the area. Over the next days and weeks the ink will be flushed away. This doesn’t happen overnight. Removing a tattoo takes a number of sessions.
Not all lasers are equal. Our Q plus C laser has a very special Ruby wavelength (not altered by dye hand pieces) designed to remove the most difficult ink colors. At Cascade, we like to give realistic expectations for multi colored inks.

Above- Blue ink is considered the most difficult to remove. Here is a current process from 11/2016 removing a difficult colored ink. Although it is still a process, the Q plus C will optimize your results.

Laser treatment usually does not take more than a few minutes, depending on the complexity and color(s) of the tattoo. On average, we can have you in and out in 15 minutes!
Removing a tattoo is a fading process that requires a series of treatments scheduled four to six weeks apart. Black inks usually respond more quickly than bright colors because they absorb the light better. The depth, color and amount of ink, as well as the location of the tattoo on your body are all determining factors in how long and how quickly we will be able to get your tattoo off. Most tattoos can be removed in four to twelve treatments.
In most cases tattoos are completely removed. The depth, density and colors are the biggest determining factors. After each treatment a little bit more ink is fragmented a little deeper into your skin.
Most patients say that the laser treatment feels like being snapped by a rubber band and that the discomfort is roughly equivalent to having a tattoo applied. Here at Cascade Tattoo Removal we make every effort on making the procedure as comfortable as possible by using the Zimmer chiller unit and numbing creams to help lessen the discomfort. We offer lidocaine numbing cream for around 10-20$ and numbing injections for 25-50$ per session. Please let us know in advance if you would like one of these options.
In order to remove a tattoo without scarring, a Q-switched laser must be used. The term Q-switched indicates that the laser is pulsed so quickly (6-billionths of a second!) that it is able to dissolve the ink without destroying the live tissue in the process. Similar to running your hand over a candle very quickly, there is not enough time to burn the skin. Redness, swelling, blistering and scabbing may follow tattoo removal laser treatments. Keep in mind, with laser tattoo removal, there is always the risk of scarring. Our laser has a square spot that is considered the best laser for your skin and our practitioners are certified skin professionals ensure your skin condition is a top priority.
Many tattoo artists encourage customers to lighten an existing tattoo before covering it with a new one. This dramatically reduces any chance of the old tattoo appearing through the new one. In most cases, a minimum of three to six treatments is all that’s required to lighten an existing tattoo.
Laser treatment is a safe and effective method of removal of tattoos. It is performed by a certified laser skin technician skilled in the use of lasers.
Currently this procedure is not included as a health insurance benefit. Insurance companies consider this a cosmetic or aesthetic procedure.

Why is routine laser maintenance and calibration important for your tattoo removal?

Many companies that offer tattoo removal make laser calibration and maintenance a low priority to save money. This results in laser treatments that deliver poor results, require more treatments, and increase the risk of skin damage, hence increasing the overall cost of tattoo removal.

At Cascade, our laser is serviced every 4-6 months. This ensures our laser is well calibrated and firing at %100 to give you the best treatment possible. Before choosing a laser tattoo removal provider, you should ask to see their service records.

Does Tattoo Removal Cause Scarring?

Sometimes, scarring can be caused by the tattoo artist if the ink was scrubbed into the skin area. After we remove most of the ink we can then use a MicroNeedling process to help break up the scar tissue. This is not always necessary but it is a very helpful treatment as it not only helps with the scarring, but also breaks up ink particles to help with the overall tattoo removal. This is also a great complimentary addition for those customers seeking other skin rejuvenation treatments from our MicroNeedling service.

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