What is Dermaplaning?

Dermaplaning is a process of manual exfoliation by a medical aesthetic professional. Dermaplaning uses a dermatome, a specialized surgical blade that safely and effectively removes the uppermost layer of the skin, specifically dead skin cells that have accumulated over time. The consequences of leaving useless, old skin cells on facial skin is skin that appears dull, blemished and aged. However, dermaplaning your skin allows fresh, new skin cells to exude their healthy glow so that your face feels clean and looks dramatically invigorated.

Is A Dermaplaning Facial Good For Me?

Dermaplaning is painless and involves one of our specialists holding a dermatome at a 45 degree angle against your skin in order to gently stroke your skin to remove only the epidermal layer. In fact, it looks and feels like someone is simply giving your a professional shave! Patients are never cut and no bandages or ointments are necessary following the procedure.

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