How many laser treatments does it take to remove a tattoo?

//How many laser treatments does it take to remove a tattoo?

How many laser treatments does it take to remove a tattoo?

The number of laser treatments for tattoo removal in Portland Oregon vary depending on many factors. The main reason people often want to know how many treatments it will take is because they want to know the overall cost.

Most tattoo removal companies charge per treatment and will generally not give quotes over the phone. They may offer free consults, but their main objective is to get you in the door. Cascade tattoo removal offers free online consults and also have a pricing page on their website.

Tattoo Removal Laser Comparison Portland OregonThe main factor that will determine the number of treatments is the type of laser you choose for the removal of your tattoo. Since there are many different lasers on the market it may be confusing. We have detailed the different types of lasers in the Portland area to make it a little easier. At Cascade, we try to inform our customers as much as possible so they have the information they need to come to a informed decision before they enter the tattoo removal process.


The other factor that determines the number of treatments is the color of the ink. Black, red and yellow inks generally fade faster than blues and green inks.

The location of the tattoo also makes a big difference in the number of tattoo removal treatments simply because the amount of circulation varies on the area of the body your tattoo is located. As you can imagine, anything closer to the heart gets a significant amount more blood flow to flush out the smaller ink particles.

The density of the ink is something to consider also. The more dense the ink, the more dense the ink lines, the more treatments it may take.

Although it is our goal to remove tattoos in the fewest treatments possible, we try to give our customers worst case scenarios so they do not have lofty expectations.

As you can see from our featured image on this post, we can sometimes achieve amazing results.

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