Best Tattoo Removal In Portland Oregon?

//Best Tattoo Removal In Portland Oregon?

Best Tattoo Removal In Portland Oregon?

Chooosing the best tattoo removal in Portland Oregon has quickly became a daunting task for people looking to erase their past for a brighter future and remove their tattoo. Recently, the Willamette Week did a full cover story on tattoo removal service in Portland at Cascade Medical Spa & Tattoo Removal Center.

Two of the most common questions of tattoo removal are “how much does tattoo removal cost?” and “how many treatments to remove my tattoo?”

The short answer for most tattoo removal clinics is “come in for a free consultation”. At that time the practitioner will give a price estimate.

At Cascade Medical Spa & Tattoo Removal Center we offer free online consultations so that people can submit a photo of their tattoo and then we can give them a bunch of broad information as well as a more specific price estimate for their tattoo removal. This helps people eliminate travel time and anyone in Portland knows how traveling can often be cumbersome.

At Cascade, we also have a Pricing Page to give people better information for all of our services.

The best laser for tattoo removal is considered the Q plus C laser. Why? Well, the Q plus C laser has a square spot homogenized beam that is considered the best for your skin because the energy beam of the laser is evenly distributed whereas most lasers have a circular spot size and the treatment area needs to be overlapped, hence, doing more damage to the skin.

Book a free in person consultation today. We also offer free online consultations. You can Send Your Pic Now!

The number of treatments often depends on ink density. Closer to the heart, a lighter skin tone and all black ink are typically good factors for tattoo removal.

Our customers at Cascade receive a full free consultation prior to their tattoo removal treatments, after care instructions, ice packs, and removal gel which is very important to bring your skin back to normal as clinically possible.

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