Dermatologist or Medical Spa in Portland Oregon?

//Dermatologist or Medical Spa in Portland Oregon?

Dermatologist or Medical Spa in Portland Oregon?

Searching for an affordable Dermatologist in Portland Oregon can be a daunting experience. Many people  in Portland Oregon have found an affordable alternative for their dermatology and skin care needs at some premier medical spas.  Cascade Medial Spa in Portland does not employ Dermatologists. Their staff consists of MD’s, ND’s, RN’s, and Advanced Estheticians. Their customers are often pleasantly surprised at the recent modern technology that allows this Medical Spa to provide high quality skin care services and has been a great alternative than some higher priced dermatological clinics in Portland. This is a huge help if you are trying to save on your dermatology and skin care needs.

For skin concerns like Acne Scars, Skin Discolorations, PRP Hair Restoration, or Mole and Skin tag Removal  you can often save greatly by choosing a reputable Medical Spa instead of a Dermatologist.

We have outlined a few things for you to consider if you are trying to find higher quality skin treatments and are searching for a Dermotological alternative.

Is a Dermatologist Best For You?

As with many people, you may be unsure as to what type of skin treatment may be best for you and not every Dermatologist may be able to suit your needs. If you are experiencing a bacteria driven symptom or a possible cancerous growth then a Dermatologist is highly recommended.

A Dermatologist office may also have the laboratory testing needed to diagnose a rare skin disorder. The skin is the largest organ of the body. It has many vital parts and important functions that a dermatologist can specialize in.

Skin Tag Removal

Mole and Skin Tag Removal at Cascade Medical Spa & Tattoo Removal Center

How Much Does a Dermatologist Cost in Portland, Oregon?

The cost of dermatology treatments in Portland can be a little overwhelming for the average salaried person seeking a fairly simple skin treatment. Many Dermatologists have luxurious offices in ritzy locations, busy schedules and lofty school loans and you may end up paying for that in your overall treatment cost. The average salaried Dermatologist in Portland averages $356,400 according to and Dermatologist salaries are well deserved. A Dermatologist has the education to diagnose diseases and perform extensive laboratory procedures which can identify harmful organisms and pathological conditions that may harshly affect your body. Many Dermatology offices also accept insurance as well which can be really helpful to people.

Medical Spa treatments are often provided by Advanced Aestheticians, Naturopoathic Physicians and Registered Nurses with a much lower base salary and do not have the extensive laboratory testing for harmful organisms and cancerous growths.

Most Medical Spas also do not accept insurance so this may be a factor in your decision making for your skin care needs.

Dermal Fillers and Cosmetic Injections in Portland Oregon

Cascade Medical Spa & Tattoo Removal Center treatments are medically overseen and provided by skin care professionals.

Dermatologist or Medical Spa?

Due to technological advances in the aesthetic industry, many Medical Spas like Cascade Medical Spa & Tattoo Removal Center can now offer high quality Dermatological Skin Care Services at Affordable Pricing. Here are some of the services now offered at a premier medical spa like Cascade.

*all medical treatments at Cascade Medical Spa & Tattoo Removal Center undergo a physician consultation

It is important for you to know that skin cancer screenings are recommended for people at least once a year. Most Medical Spas like Cascade DO NOT offer biopsy services. It is important for you to ensure your skin concern is non-cancerous prior to any medical, surgical, or cosmetic treatment.

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